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Selecting a Therapist

Can I choose my Therapist?

Yes, you can.

To do so, you may use the filters on our website to narrow down a few of them based on your issues and preferences (eg gender, language, service type, medium, and country).

You may also want to watch their videos and read more about their background, their approach to therapy, and how they can help on their full profiles. This helps you to see if they are the right fit for you before you book your first session.

Therapy can be a long term process to improve your mental health. As a result, having a Therapist that you trust and feel comfortable with is important for effective outcomes.

About Our Services

What services does Talk Your Heart Out (TYHO) offer?

Talk Your Heart Out (TYHO) offers individual and couples therapy. The services each Therapist provides are stated on their profiles. 

Please check that your Therapist’s profile lists the specific service you want, and click on the correct option when making the booking. For example, if you want to book a couples therapy session, please select a Therapist who has “Couples” shown on their profiles, and then choose “Couples” under the “Services” section when booking your session.

Does Talk Your Heart Out (TYHO) only offer online sessions?

Yes, Talk Your Heart Out (TYHO) currently offers only  online (audio / video) sessions.

Online (audio / video) sessions are conducted on your Dashboard, where you talk to your Therapist through a pop-up call window. Online sessions are relatively more convenient (eg you can decide where you want to have the session) and private (eg you can choose whether or not to show your face on camera). Your Therapist picks up verbal and visual cues as you speak, and learns how you are feeling from there.

How do I book a session (individual, couples, etc)?

To book a session, please click on “Book a Session” on your Therapist’s profile.

Then, select the service (eg individual therapy), medium (eg video), and date / time you want from your Therapist’s calendar, and click on “Pay & Confirm”.

After you sign up and complete payment, a booking confirmation email will be sent to you. You can also go to your Dashboard to view the upcoming session.

Note: Full payment is required to confirm your appointment. 

Can I cancel or change the date / time of my appointment?

Generally, we are unable to cancel or accept any changes to your appointment within 24 hours of your original appointment time. For example, if you have an appointment at 8pm tomorrow, you will not be able to cancel or change your appointment once it is 8pm today.

This is because our Therapists have blocked out time for your session, and no one else can book with them at such short notice. 

The fees paid for such appointments will not be refunded. 

Attending Your Session

How long is a session?

All our sessions are one hour long.

Where do I attend my session?

Online (audio / video) sessions are conducted on your Dashboard. To attend your session:

  1. Sign into your Talk Your Heart Out (TYHO) account.
  2. On your Dashboard, scroll down to your upcoming sessions. 
  3. Click on the “Start Session” button to join the call. 


Is there any discount available?

Yes, a discount is given if you buy a package or top up your wallet as follows:

  • a 6 percent discount for a top-up of ₹ XX to ₹ XX; and 
  • an 8 percent discount for a top-up of ₹ XX to ₹ XX.

After signing into your Dashboard, you can choose to buy a package or top up your wallet with a custom amount by clicking on “Buy Packages”.

The credits will be automatically added to your wallet after payment has been completed. To use them to book sessions, please ensure that the “Use Wallet Balance” box is checked on our payment page.

Locked Out of Your Account?

I forgot my password and am unable to access my account.

If you have entered the wrong password 3 times, your account will be temporarily locked.

Please reset your password here (link) to access your account immediately. An OTP is required.

If you still face issues signing in, please email us at [email protected], or reach out to us via WhatsApp (+65 9831 0005). Our team will be happy to assist. 

I am permanently locked out of my account.

If the following message appears, “Your account is permanently blocked.”, it means that your account has been permanently locked. You will not be able to sign in or reset your password.

Please email us at [email protected], or reach out to us via WhatsApp (+65 9831 0005). Our team will be happy to assist.

About Therapy

What is online therapy?

Online therapy is the provision of mental health services and support through the Internet. You can speak with your therapist via audio or video calls, using your laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.

At Talk Your Heart Out (TYHO), we offer online therapy via audio or video calls.

If you are new to therapy, we recommend starting with online therapy to see if it works for you. Research has found that online therapy can be just as helpful as in-person therapy, with additional benefits such as comfort, convenience, and flexibility.

What is the difference between online therapy and in-person therapy?

The main differences between online therapy and in-person therapy are where and how you will attend your session.


  • Online therapy: You can choose to attend the session from any private space of your choice – your home, office, car, etc.
  • In-person therapy: You will attend the session at a physical location, usually at the Therapist’s office space.

With online therapy, you can also change your Therapist easily on the platform whenever you want.


  • Online therapy: You can decide how you would like to speak with your Therapist, whether it’s via an audio or video call.
  • In-person therapy: You will speak with your Therapist directly face-to-face.

What are the benefits of online therapy?

Online therapy saw an increase in demand over the last few years. Many people have found it beneficial in helping them work through their challenges and in developing positive habits and coping methods. Online therapy has also given them a chance to look at their problems from different angles. 

A better overall mental wellbeing also improves one’s physical health and relationships with those around them.

If you are keen to try online therapy, you can consider the factors and decide if it is suitable for you:

  • Easier access to support: Persons with work and family responsibilities, or physical disabilities, can still book and attend sessions without having to travel.
  • Cheaper: Online therapy does not incur travelling costs or waiting time. It can be up to 50 percent cheaper than in-person therapy.
  • Greater privacy and control: You can choose to attend the session from any private space of your choice, and choose to not show yourself on camera (eg by having an audio session). 

In what situations is online therapy unsuitable? 

Online therapy is unsuitable in some situations, such as when a person:

  • is facing an emergency;
  • is living with paranoia, and / or experiences hallucinations and delusions;
  • has a severe or long-term mental health condition; or
  • does not have a safe and private space where they can speak with a Therapist. 

In these cases, we strongly recommend attending an in-person session instead.

Can I remain anonymous during an online session?

Not completely. As we prioritise your safety, your Therapist must be able to reach you or someone you trust in the case of an emergency.

Besides that, for the most part, you can remain relatively anonymous. We only ask for your name, email, and contact number during the sign-up process. No other personal details are collected.

For more privacy, you may also choose to have an audio session if you prefer to not show yourself on camera.

Are my sessions confidential?

Yes, everything you share during your sessions is confidential and stays between you and your Therapist only.

These are the only exceptions:

  • You would like to change your Therapist, and want your client notes to be shared with your second Therapist.
  • You are assessed to be at risk to yourself or others, and we are legally obliged to share information with third parties (eg the police, crisis service providers, etc).

What can I talk to my Therapist about?

You can talk about anything with your Therapist. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer or topic that cannot be discussed. 

Everything you share during your sessions is confidential and stays between you and your Therapist only.

How often should I go for therapy?

In the beginning, you can consider going for therapy once a week. Weekly sessions build consistency, which can be helpful for you when you first start therapy.

If you prefer, you can also raise this with your Therapist.

More information about the benefits of attending regular sessions is on our Pricing page. 

How do I know whether therapy is working for me?

There are many different ways to tell if therapy is working for you.

Some common signs are:

  • You start to feel better both mentally and physically. For example, you feel more positive and energised during the day, and sleep better at night.
  • You see things more clearly and from different angles. Sessions with your therapist can help to challenge your unhealthy thought patterns and provide you with new insights.
  • You feel confident in managing your emotions. You have learned new coping methods and find it easier to deal with bad days. This can be knowing how to calm yourself down when feeling overwhelmed.
  • You look forward to your sessions. You find your sessions a good time to reflect on how you have been feeling and no longer dread them.

Do bear in mind that progress takes time, and looks different for everyone. Be patient with yourself.